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A botanist plant scientist or phytologist is a scientist who specialises in this field.

Botany plants. Algae fungi lichens mosses ferns conifers and flowering plants. Plants to most people means a wide range of living organisms from the smallest bacteria to the largest living things the giant sequoia trees. Botany 2019 in tucson arizona july 27 31 2019 6 participating societies over 1000 plant scientists and students from over 35 countries.

It includes anything that could be considered a plant including flowering plants algae fungi and vascular plants such as ferns. You can then follow the link to the appropriate web page for more information and illustrations pertaining to the plant being sought. Plant science bulletin books needing review announcements.

Botany also called plant sciences plant biology or phytology is the science of plant life and a branch of biology. By this definition plants include. We are a leading society dedicated to botany and its future.

The word botany like many the names of many other scientific studies comes from ancient greek botan a word that has multiple meanings including pasture or fodder. Also included are plant classification and the study of plant diseases and of interactions with the environmentthe principles and findings of botany have provided the base for such applied sciences as agriculture horticulture and forestry.

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