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Bamboo is very cold hardy meaning almost every state in the us is capable of growing these wonderful plants.

Bamboo plants. Bpbop sugar bamboo sugarcane plants stalks with leaves endless cane outline asia asian biological botanic pillowcase 20x20 inch add to cart there is a problem adding to cart. Bamboo is a woody perennial evergreen plant which happens to be part of the true grass family. Despite the fact they can grow to towering heights bamboo is not actually considered a tree.

Place the plant in a container with about 1 inch of water refreshing it as it is absorbed by the plant or evaporates. Bamboo plants require no pesticides or fertilizers to grow and need little water to sustain although they do not tolerate completely dry or waterlogged conditions and if grown in pots bamboo do need more care. Lucky bamboo grows hydroponically meaning it lives in water not soil.

Running bamboo plants are the most widely used type of bamboo and consists of hundreds of varieties. Article summary planting bamboo indoors caring for your indoor bamboo troubleshooting community qa there are hundreds of bamboo species you can grow indoors from colorful table plants to majestic centerpieces. It is classified as either running or clumping.

How to care for an indoor bamboo plant. Bamboo is an excellent natural provider of privacy. Keeping the worlds fastest growing plants from overtaking your yard had always been a problem with previous bamboo varieties.

Call us today to find out more about bamboo and our ordering procedures. Individual bamboo culms live about 10 15 years but a full grove producing many new canes each year can live for several decades.

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