‘If I was a scammer like my other colleagues I would have asked you for money’: Pranksters call a dodgy technology support phoneline – and get the trainee on the other end to admit it’s all a scam

This is the comical minute a couple of pranksters shot themselves reacting to an innovation bolster trick – and wind up getting a student to admit the warped arrangement.

In scenes caught by Set of three Media, the young men call the administrator and break through to a man, who closes the call once they say the word ‘illicit’.

They get back to and break through to a lady who offers to help with a ‘fly up’ on the screen which has educated the pranksters that they have a ‘destructive infection’.

She assists with the fly up and tries to hurriedly leave the call before the young men intercede and endeavor to offer assistance.

The kid inquire as to whether despite everything they have to take after the guidelines on the PC scene to dispose of the infection and the lady answers ‘no’.

One kid says: ‘Are you saying you are loaded with bull-s**t’

‘Indeed’, the lady answers.

The young men begin manhandling her before apologizing.

” In the event that I was a con artist like my different partners I would have approached you for cash however you are manhandling me for helping you out’, the lady answers.

She asserts that she is here for a ‘transitory business’ and will be leaving soon.

Concerned, the young men ask ‘would you say you are in peril?’

‘No, I don’t think so’ the lady answers in sullen tones.

The lady, who had been working there for a month goes ahead to include that she was working at the beguiling association to “help” herself, since she required cash.

She admits that she is an architect and will be changing employment soon to utilize her abilities.

The video closes with young men gobsmacked at what they simply heard.

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