Shredded street! Road is covered with mountain of wheat after cereal lorry overturns

A town focus way was transformed into an ocean of grains after a trailer toppled over, spilling its heap in Berkshire.

Police said they had shut piece of a street as the unmistakable up got going after the episode including a tractor on Terrible Godesberg Way and Frascati Path, in Maidenhead.

The Thames Valley Police Maidenhead Twitter account posted a photo of the scene, stating: “Please maintain a strategic distance from the A4 and Frascati route region of Maidenhead because of a 1 path street conclusion. Clear up may take a while….”

Police went to the scene close by two police watch autos and three fire motors at around 3:30pm.

They have entertainingly tweeted since:  ‘Don’t have any desire to sound cliché, however the tidy up is going great. May be a deficiency of bread however’

Occupants and local people have shared their stun at the astounding scene. One client James Harrison tweeted: Resembles a grain truck has upset at the intersection of Terrible Gosberg Way and Frascati Way.

Hayley Davies kidded on the web: “New sandpit in Maidenhead… send the children down!”

No one was harmed in the grain spillage and the Interstates Organization is attempting to clear flotsam and jetsam.

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