Police find father, 35, passed out behind the wheel of his running car with his child, nine, asleep in the back, his foot on the break pedal and a quarter-ounce bag of marijuana beside him

Police in New Hampshire say a driver was discovered passed out in his SUV at a crossing point with a nine-year-old youngster snoozing in his running vehicle.

Omari Peterson, 35, of Manchester, New Hampshire, had his foot on the brake pedal while the vehicle was still in drive on Sunday night.

They said he declined to leave the vehicle so they snatched him.

The tyke was grabbed by a family companion, police said.

Police say they likewise found a quarter-ounce of pot in the vehicle.

Peterson was accused of opposing capture/detainment, ownership of a controlled medication, imperiling the welfare of a tyke and infringement of safeguard conditions.

In court on Monday morning, Peterson asked for a lessened safeguard, refering to caring for his five youngsters.

Be that as it may, the judge expressed that the father was at that point on safeguard anticipating trial for abusive behavior at home related charges.

Safeguard was set at $10,000 money as it were.

Peterson is slated to be back in court on Tuesday on a movement to disavow his safeguard in the abusive behavior at home case.

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