EXCLUSIVE: OJ Simpson ‘dream team’ lawyers Robert Kardashian and Shawn Chapman Holley began having an affair during the trial – but he couldn’t have a serious relationship ‘because she wasn’t white,’ new book reveals

Robert Kardashian started taking part in an extramarital entanglements with African American legal counselor Shawn Chapman Holley amid the OJ Simpson trial.

That is the claim being made by some of Robert’s companions in the new book out this September from New York Times top of the line writer Jerry Oppenheimer, ‘The Kardashians: An American Show.’

‘It was a major mystery. They were extremely watchful,’ says one source, taking note of that Robert was as yet connected with to his life partner at the time, Denice Halicki, who was additionally his third cousin.

He in the long run split with Denice, yet his association with Holley failed out after only a couple of months.

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‘We had a few meals with Shawn and she was brilliant, exceptionally liberal, extremely keen thus that pestered Denice and that kind of split up Robert and Denice,’ Robert’s dear companion Larry Kraines told Oppenheimer.

‘Denice didn’t rationally animate him.’

Also, say Kraines, ‘She realized that Robert was going behind her back with Shawn.’

Robert and Shawn did not remain together long after he cleared out Denice in 1996.

‘Robert understood that since Shawn wasn’t white that he couldn’t get truly genuine with her, and that was the part where he needed to surrender her,’ uncovers one of Kardashian’s dearest companions in the book.

‘Shawn was crushed on the grounds that she truly adored Robert, and I think he truly cherished her significantly more than he had adored Denice. Shawn was brilliant and flawless and a magnificent individual.’

The companion at that point includes: ‘He revealed to me he adored her yet needed to understand his own particular inclinations – his racial predispositions.’

Robert said a final farewell to Denice not long after Dominick Dunne’s real issue about the trial was distributed in ‘Vanity Reasonable,’ in which Denice was portrayed as ‘a woman who likes to be in the focal point of activity’.

Robert additionally got an a lot of uncalled for treatment after the trial, and came to despise Barbara Walters after their sit-down meeting for ABC.

‘She had guaranteed him that she wouldn’t put forth certain inquiries, and afterward she felt free to posed the inquiries. She guaranteed him, “I’m not going to go here, and I’m not going to go there,” but rather she didn’t respect what she guaranteed,’ says Robert’s long lasting companion Joni Migdal.

‘Robert disliked it, and he didn’t care for her. There were a few times when he said cut, and Barbara Walters got truly irritated.’

His companions likewise assert Lawrence Schiller utilized him for his book on the trial and afterward stiffed him, regardless of promising ‘four million dollars’ to help on ‘American Disaster.’

‘Robert required the cash at that point, cause nobody would work with him due to the OJ case. In any case, I don’t know whether he got every last bit of it, or any of it. I know from Robert that was the assention – four million dollars,’ says Migdal.

‘Robert was pretty much utilized. I realize that Robert felt he would get some cash,’ includes Kraines.

‘He had put stock in Schiller, and by the day’s end he got the short end of the money related stick.’

Concerning Holley, she would later work with the Kardashian family once more, speaking to Kim in various court matters around 2010, including her claim against the producers of an inflatable sex toy in her picture.

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