Heavily-tattooed Lone Wolf Outlaw bikie arrested in police raids after murder of debt enforcer and ongoing turf wars

Strategic cops have captured a vigorously inked bikie part subsequent to completing a progression of strikes on Thursday.

Pro units done hunts at five homes over the NSW and Queensland outskirt following the shooting homicide of bikie obligation authority Pro Lobby last Saturday.

Police said the high-perceivability operation focusing on illicit guns and ammo was in light of a continuous turf war between equal clubs in the Tweed Head district.

A 50-year-old individual from the Tweed Heads part of the Solitary Wolf Ban group was captured after Strike Drive Walenore purportedly discovered cannabis and knuckle dusters at his home in Kunghur, north of Nimbin.

He additionally supposedly attempted to square police from looking through his home. He was brought to clinic with a restorative condition and is required to be charged at a later date.

Tweed Heads Analyst Controller Brendon Cullen said police would keep on disrupting the exercises of illicit bikie groups.

‘We will keep on conducting profoundly perceivability and high-affect operations like this to target and upset the exercises of criminal bike packs and their partners.

‘The operation highlights how imperative it is for us to collaborate with other law-implementation organizations, for example, Queensland Police, to guarantee individuals from these gatherings who infringe upon the law confront genuine implications.

‘The security of the group is our need, and we won’t endure open demonstrations of savagery – or any movement – that puts that wellbeing at hazard.’

Pro Corridor, 31, was dumped outside Tweed Heads healing facility in northern NSW on Saturday with a solitary shot injury to his middle however kicked the bucket amid surgery.

Corridor, a father of two, was raced to the healing facility by his sweetheart and another man, however notwithstanding urgent endeavors to spare him he couldn’t be resuscitated.

Corridor, who lived on the Gold Drift, was a known obligation master and Mongols bikie group relate.

In spite of the fact that Corridor was at first accepted to have been an individual from the Solitary Wolf ban cruiser group, police have since affirmed he was most certainly not.

In spite of not being an individual from the posse, police said Lobby had bikie interfaces and was known to officers.

Queensland man Phillip Raymond Becker, 43, was captured and later accused of the murder of the obligation authority. He will be removed from Queensland to NSW.

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