Father who ‘killed his five-year-old son to get back at his wife after trip to Disneyland’ is extradited back to California in shackles

A man blamed for killing his five-year-old child to turn the tables on his significant other amid their ‘tumultuous separation’ has been removed to Los Angeles.

Aramazd Andressian Sr., 35, ventured off a plane at Long Shoreline Airplane terminal in California with shackles around his arms and legs on Friday as he confronts a murder accusation in the vanishing of his child, Armazd Andressian Jr.

Andressian Sr. was captured in Las Vegas a week ago, where a judge said he was caught up with “associating” rather than lamenting his child, whose body has not been recouped since he disappeared in April.

Police trust the kid was killed in the six-and-a-half hours after he exited Disneyland with his dad on April 21.

The 35-year-old was discovered alone the next day, gone out from remedy pills in an auto drenched with fuel, unfit to represent his child’s whereabouts.

Specialists trust the murder was ‘pre-arranged’, and persuaded by the separation from the kid’s mother, Ana Estevez.

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The kid’s body has not been found, but rather police captured Andressian last Friday trusting they have a sufficiently solid body of evidence against him.

His capture was additionally impelled by fears the 35-year-old was wanting to escape the nation, since Andressian was living out of a lodging in Las Vegas, several miles far from his home in Los Angeles.

Andressian had additionally changed his appearance by shaving his facial hair and passing on his hair blonde, driving Los Angeles District Sheriff Jim McDonnell to state he was ‘turning into a flight chance.’

Amid his court appearance on Tuesday, Andressian deferred his entitlement to a removal hearing and said he had not been attempting to dodge experts.

He seemed lighthearted, grinning and snickering at one point as he told Equity of Peace Eric Goodman: ‘If California needs me they can come and get me. I never came here in an aim to escape.’

Andressian and his child left Disneyland at around 1am on Friday, April 21.

The 35-year-old advised specialists they went to Lake Cachuma around 150 miles away, however investigators looked through the region twice, and say there was no proof the kid was ever there.

At the point when Andressian neglected to hand the kid over amid an arranged guardianship trade on April 22, Estevez revealed her child missing.

That same morning, Andressian was discovered oblivious in Arroyo Seco Stop, where police said he endeavored to take his own particular life.

Andressian, who couldn’t represent what happened to his child, was captured and later discharged when police didn’t have enough to keep him in the slammer.

The 35-year-old later proceeded onward to Las Vegas, where Lt. Joe Mendoza said his conduct was conflicting with that of a lamenting guardian.

‘I can represent myself. In the event that my child was missing, I would be doing things that (the kid’s mom) was doing. Coursing fliers, searching for your child,’ Mendoza said. ‘He was not doing that. He was associating in Vegas.’

Mendoza likewise stated: ‘He has not been helpful, at all.’

Criminologists trust Andressian slaughtered his child trying to turn the tables on his irritated spouse for their “tumultuous” relationship, Mendoza said. They were sharing authority of the kid while experiencing a separation.

The tyke’s mom. Ana Estevez, addressed NBC4 after the court appearance on Tuesday.

‘No equity on the planet will bring my Piqui back,’ Estevez stated, utilizing her child’s moniker. ‘In any case, Ara will pay ten times for all that he has done.’

She likewise discharged an announcement saying: ‘My heart is smashed and I will miss my child enormously every single second of consistently for whatever is left of my life.’

Andressian’s lawyer, Daniel Nardoni, has said his customer ‘is inflexible that he never hurt his child Aramazd and is pure of the charges.’

In the event that indicted on the charges imposed against him, Andressian confronts 25 years to life in jail.

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