Ex Twitter CEO says meeting Trump is like ‘drinking a bottle of gin and waterboarding yourself’

The previous Chief of Twitter isn’t an enthusiast of President Donald Trump.

Dick Costolo, 53, tweeted on Friday that anybody wishing to realize what it resembles to meet the 45th president should ‘drink a jug of gin and waterboard yourself.’

Costolo was remarking on a report in BuzzFeed News which asserted that Trump was wanting to have a White House meeting of tech administrators and financial speculators.

Letters in order Inc. Official Administrator Eric Schmidt, Amazon President Jeff Bezos, Apple Chief Tim Cook, Prophet President Safra Catz, and IBM Chief Ginni Rommetty are among the enormous names anticipated that would go to a June 19 summit at the White House, as per Bloomberg.

The administrators will go to a meeting held under the protection of the organization’s new endeavors to acquaint development so as with streamline government administrations.

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The exertion is being driven by Trump’s child in-law and senior guide, Jared Kushner.

On June 22, another tech-themed occasion is booked to occur at the White House.

The Workplace of Science and Innovation Strategy is arranging a get-together that will address developing mechanical patterns including Web of Things and business rambles.

When somebody on Costolo’s Twitter channel posted the BuzzFeed article about the summit alongside a photograph of Trump sitting nearby tech very rich person Diminish Thiel, Costolo answered: ‘In the event that you don’t get welcomed to this meeting and need to realize what it resembled, simply drink a container of gin and afterward waterboard yourself.’

This isn’t the first run through Costolo has utilized his Twitter record to censure the president.

In Spring, Costolo tweeted that Trump was a “weakling” who ‘cringes from any battle, focuses fingers in a misfortune however assumes praise for any win.’

‘A defeatist, a washout, a useless punk,’ Costolo tweeted about Trump.

Costolo was reacting to a Trump tweet stopping a Fox News demonstrate facilitated by Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Amid that specific scene which Trump advanced, Pirro approached House Speaker Paul Ryan to leave after House Republicans neglected to concede to an annulment and-supplant measure that would fix Obamacare.

Costolo was Chief of Twitter from 2010 to 2015.

He is as of now CEO of Melody, a gathering wellness startup that was propelled this past December.

In mid 2016, Costolo established the organization with $8million of his own cash, as per Business Insider.

Trump, in the interim, has maybe the most well known and significant Twitter account ever.

The president has acknowledged Twitter and in addition Facebook for empowering him to mount a fruitful battle for the White House, as indicated by The Skirt.

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