Florida woman, 38, ‘paid 15-year-old boy up to $300 for sex, gave him her credit cards and let him drive her car’

A Florida lady was captured for supposedly paying a 15-year-old kid up to $300 for sex.

Rebecca McGraw, 38, was captured on Saturday and has been accused of five numbers of unlawful sexual movement with a minor, as per police.

Specialists say that McGraw admitted to no less than five sexual acts with the adolescent.

The kid’s mom announced the asserted tyke sex manhandle to cops after she found an instant message in her child’s telephone.

‘In that message it was words such that this kid expected to search out therapeutic consideration for a conceivable sexual transmitted disease,’ Sergeant Joe Norkus of Port St Lucie Police told WPBF.

Police found that McGraw, a collaborator administrator at the Sail Pointe Lofts, had a sexual association with a tyke who likewise inhabited the complex.

Records demonstrate that McGraw told police she knew the kid’s age since fall 2016 and revealed performing sex follows up on him ‘numerous circumstances in 2016 and 2017’.

The casualty told police he met the 38-year-old around spring 2016 and that she welcomed him into her home where ‘he would hang out as often as possible and smoke maryjane and drink liquor’, records state.

He told police of 16 occurrences of sex acts, and said she gave him a check card to pull back cash at a market ATM so she could pay him.

She additionally let the 15-year-old drive her auto without her essence.

The period of sexual assent in Florida is 18.

McGraw was set up for St Lucie Province Correctional facility and is being hung on bonds totaling $125,000.

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