‘Where the drugs came from is irrelevant’: Colombian prosecutors warn mysterious ‘black man’ who visited Cassie Sainsbury’s Bogota Hotel will NOT save her from jail

The riddle dark man who went to blamed cocaine donkey Cassandra Sainsbury in her Bogota inn won’t spare her from a protracted spell in prison, a hotspot for the indictment says.

The source said the puzzle man was superfluous to Ms Sainsbury’s legitimate case, in spite of her claim he deceived her into trafficking 5.8kg of cocaine.

Ms Sainsbury, a 22-year-old from South Australia, was gotten with 5.8kg of cocaine in her bag at El Dorado Global Airplane terminal in Colombia on April 11.

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‘On the off chance that they get you with drugs, you need to acknowledge the discipline for these medications,’ a hotspot for the indictment told News.com.au.

‘Where [the drugs] originated from, right now, is of no enthusiasm to us. It doesn’t have any pertinence.’

The hotspot for the indictment, who works for the Colombian Fiscalia, said the equity framework was not putting off Ms Sainsbury’s case to search for the secret man.

‘They can’t leave somebody sitting tight while they search for the individual who as far as anyone knows deceived them,’ he said.

The Adelaide lady guaranteed she was set up by a man named “Angelo” who guaranteed her 18 sets of marked down earphones as presents for her wedding party.

She said the 18 bundles wrapped in dark plastic containing the cocaine were given to her the morning of her flight.

She denied she knew the bundles were loaded with drugs and has kept up her blamelessness since.

The Fiscalia source said police secured CCTV film from the Bogota lodging where Ms Sainsbury was gone by the puzzle man with an end goal to track him down in light of the fact that he was possibly infringing upon the law.

However, he said the police look was separate to their argument against Ms Sainsbury.

While he said the Fiscalia explored the secret man, he said its need was to determine Ms Sainsbury’s case.

CCTV film gotten from the Bogota inn where Ms Sainsbury remained for eight days before her capture won’t be discharged to the general population until the point when it is appeared in court, for fear the man could seek total isolation in the event that he sees himself.

Ms Sainsbury stays in jail in famous Colombian jail El Buen Minister, where she was imprisoned after her capture on April 11, a little more than seven days after she landed in South America on April 3.

Ms Sainsbury will stay in jail while she anticipates a court date.

Her Colombian attorney Orlando Herran has urged Ms Sainsbury to concede on the grounds that she will probably be given a shorter prison sentence.

Ms Sainsbury confronts 15-20 years in prison in the event that she argues pure yet is discovered blameworthy and confronts five to 10 years on the off chance that she concedes.

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