Tesco under fire from furious customers for ‘trickery’ after using yellow discount labels for full-price stock

Tesco has been blamed for attempting to beguile clients by staying yellow markdown names on the maximum things.

Hawk peered toward customers were irate in the wake of detecting the wrong labels in stores in both Dundee, Scotland and Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Yellow marks are generally saved for things that have been lessened in cost, however by and large they were on things that were not on offer by any means.

One Twitter clients stated: ‘Hello @Tesco why have you begun putting yellow bits on value stickers of things that aren’t entirely offer? Just to befuddle us or?’

Another solicited: ‘Conveyance from names still not here.’

The grocery store has apologized and consoled clients that its staff were not attempting to hoodwink them.

A Tesco representative stated: ‘Partners in our Aylesbury Additional and Dundee Kingsway stores have erroneously utilized the wrong names.

‘We apologize for any disarray and any inaccurate names are being changed at the earliest opportunity.

‘There was no endeavor to delude clients and we can promise them that all costs recorded on the marks are right.’

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