Female motorist pulled over by police for driving TOO SLOW in right lane on busy highway – but was she really in the wrong?

A lady who was driving under as far as possible in the correct path of a bustling interstate has achieved viral status in the wake of taping her tirade when she was pulled over by police.

The lady, who Day by day Mail Australia has picked not to name, said it was ‘totally nauseating’ that she was pulled over for ‘not going sufficiently quick in a 90 zone’.

‘There’s definitely no sign disclosing to me I need to assume control to drive in the correct path,’ she said in a scorching video, debilitating to ‘uncover and report’ NSW Police.

She posted the tirade on Facebook yet later brought it down after watchers called attention to the roadway watch officer was well inside his rights to pull her over for the offense.

As indicated by street leads in NSW, drivers must keep left unless they need to overwhelm or take a right hand turn on all streets with a speed point of confinement of more than 80km/h or with signage.

Yet, the lady gave off an impression of being unconscious of the lead and kept on impacting the officer, who was assessing her permit, for pulling her over.

‘This cop just pulled me over for clearly not going sufficiently quick in a 90 zone and ├é┬ábecause its an assuming control path which there’s no signs by any stretch of the imagination,’ she said.

Panning her camera over the bustling three-path roadway, she included that there were ‘definitely no signs’ disclosing to her she needed to assume control to drive in the correct path.

‘Totally nauseating conduct by police. I will have all of you uncovered and revealed, pulling me over for reasons unknown,’ she inscribed the video on Facebook.

Since posting the viral video on the web, the lady’s close to home Facebook page has been overwhelmed with images and provocative remarks advising ‘all her left’.

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