Catch a stoner! Minnesota cops set a ‘trap’ for marijuana users on 4/20

A residential community police office posted an amusing tweet about getting stoners commending 4/20.

The Wyoming, Minnesota police division tweeted a photograph of an officer holding a net close to a heap of salty snacks and computer games to get stoners.

They inscribed the photograph: ‘Covert #420 operations are set up. Watchful traps have been set up all through the city today. #Happy420.’

The tweet set Twitter on fire and gathered almost 175,000 retweets on what is informally known as ‘Weed Day.’

Three years prior Minnesota legitimized cannabis for certain medicinal conditions. It is not lawful for recreational utilize.

Later on, the division tweeted: ‘We heard grievances about somebody not having enough medications for #420 so in case you’re a street pharmacist hit us up so we can……connect. #helpfulcops.’

It’s not the first run through the division has clowned about baiting stoners with snacks. In 2016, they posted a photograph of a case held up by a stick floating over Doritos and Cheetos as a “sting” operation.

The cops utilized the footing on Twitter to convey light to a difficult issue. They stuck the tweet that read ‘on the off chance that you require help with substance manhandle issues please reach us & we’ll discover assets. That does NOT mean correctional facility time.’

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