Controversial EU official known as the ‘Monster of Brussels’ blasts Downing Street’s ‘bunker mentality’ and accuses Theresa May of being ‘even worse’ than David Cameron

A key EU official required in the Brexit talks yesterday assaulted Theresa May’s “fortification” attitude in No 10.

Martin Selmayr, the dubious head of staff to EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, said Mrs May was ‘far more atrocious’ than David Cameron.

What’s more, the German – known as ‘the beast’ in Brussels for his merciless strategies – uncovered that his threatening vibe to Brexit was manufactured when he met Margaret Thatcher as an understudy and heard her “impact” John Major for relinquishing her hostile to EU position.

Selmayr, 46, an individual from the EU Brexit arranging group, is purportedly behind moves to “rebuff” England with a £50 billion bill for taking off.

He was searing about the way both Mr Cameron and Mrs May directed EU relations.

He stated: ‘In London it resembles a fortification, it was a dugout in Cameron’s circumstances and it’s a shelter now – it’s far more atrocious.

‘It’s hard to convey and see each other on the off chance that you don’t leave your wardrobe.’

He said England’s disparities with Brussels were harder to determine in light of the fact that key Bringing down Road figures were ‘never here to converse with us – so it’s extremely hard to judge how they see things’.

Selmayr, an attorney, saw Woman Thatcher talk in London in 1993 when she railed about England being ‘separated from everyone else in Europe in not having been attacked for a long time’.

She ‘essentially impacted’ her successor Mr Major, said Selmayr. He told the Money related Circumstances: ‘I saw the unfortunate mix-up amongst England and whatever is left of the EU.

‘For the Germans and French it is incomprehensible to see the European venture just as a market: it is an instrument to accomplish something more.’

What’s more, on his “Rasputin” notoriety, Selmayr stated: ‘It can be complimenting in the event that it implies I’m not a weakling. Juncker is the great person. I’m the awful person. That is the means by which it is.’

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