Coca-Cola is accused of back-sliding on promises to recycle the 3,400 plastic bottles it produces every SECOND

Coca-Cola produces 3,400 plastic jugs a moment around the globe and is blamed for descending into sin on guarantees to reuse them.

A report distributed by campaigners Greenpeace today says the beverages goliath is making more than 100billion of the disposable containers consistently.

It says these are adding to a horrifying contamination and litter issue.

Furthermore, Greenpeace says the worldwide beverages mammoth is neglecting to meet its own particular plastic reusing targets.

An expected 15-16million plastic jugs from all sources are discarded each day in the UK.

The Day by day Mail’s Reclaim Your Containers crusade has supported beverages monsters and clergymen to reexamine how to handle the issue of ‘plastic toxin’.

Condition Secretary Andrea Leadsom has declared an Administration survey into a store and discount conspire on plastic containers – as occurs in Germany, Scandinavia, and parts of the US.

Coca-Cola has shown it will bolster trials in Scotland.

However condition campaigners, upheld by MPs, accept just a vast store and discount plan will suffice.

Louise Edge of Greenpeace blamed Coca-Cola for declining to assume liability for its part in the emergency.

Greenpeace said Coca-Cola set an objective to recuperate and reuse what might as well be called 75 for each penny of the jugs and jars it offers in created nations by 2020.

The crusade gathering’s investigation said the figure really tumbled from 63 for every penny to 59 for each penny in the vicinity of 2013 and 2015.

Coca-Cola Extraordinary England said it was focused on diminishing plastic.

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