Star of Discovery Channel reality series Sons of Guns, 51, is convicted of raping two young girls in Lousiana

Will Hayden, the previous star of the unscripted television arrangement Children of Firearms, was indicted for assaulting two young ladies in Louisiana.

Hayden, 51, was discovered liable of two tallies of irritated assault and one number of coercive assault. He confronts a sentence of life in jail.

Hayden’s casualties, a 15-year-old young lady and a 37-year-old lady, cried and embraced in a Stick Rouge court as the jury’s consistent decisions were declared, as per the Promoter.

The Revelation Channel crossed out Children of Weapons in the midst of Hayden’s legitimate inconveniences.

His 15-year-old casualty told members of the jury that Hayden more than once assaulted her through the span of eighteen months in 2013 and 2014, when she was 11 and 12 years of age.

His previous representative Rebecca Ramsey affirmed that she strolled in on Hayden in August 2014 kissing the young lady in his home, and recorded a report with East Stick Rouge Area Sheriff’s Office one day later, the Backer announced.

In her declaration on Wednesday, the young lady said that she was performing oral sex on the 51-year-old as Ramsey strolled in on them, as indicated by the paper.

Affirming Thursday, the young lady said she was assaulted by Hayden and compelled to perform oral sex, and that additionally Hayden got her preventative gel, it was accounted for this week.

She additionally guaranteed that as a method for managing the manhandle, she cut herself, smoked, and drank.

A 37-year-old lady affirmed that Hayden assaulted her in the mid 1990s, when she was 12 and 13.

She guaranteed on Tuesday that Hayden inquired as to whether she needed to get high in 1992, and that they smoked pot in his room before he assaulted her, as indicated by the Promoter.

The lady affirmed that in 1993 he assaulted her again at a companion’s home, when she was on a love seat and instructed him to stop.

She was cited as saying: ‘He didn’t tune in. I was so terrified. I would not like to experience this once more. I believed I more likely than not accomplished something incorrectly.’

Hayden denied all the assault charges when he affirmed Thursday at his trial, the Backer announced.

A prosecutor, Sonya Cardia-Doorman, called Hayden an ‘ace controller’ who misled the jury in a ‘quite all around practiced’ execution.

Hayden is booked to be condemned in May, however his irritated assault conviction conveys a compulsory sentence of life in jail.

He likewise confronts isolate assault charges in Livingston Area and has a trial booked for July. A disturbed assault charge concerns the 15-year-old young lady and a sex wrongdoing charge concerns his grown-up little girl Stephanie Hayden, the Promoter revealed.

In a 2014 appearance on the Dr Phil appear, Stephanie charged that her dad once came into her room inebriated and kissed her.

She guaranteed that she made tracks in an opposite direction from her dad, who never touched her like that again, as per the daily paper.

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