‘A monstrosity’: New Zealand Prime Minister proudly shows off his tinned spaghetti and pineapple pizza – but would you eat it?

New Zealand PM Bill English has been criticized online in the wake of posting an arrangement of horrid photos of his home-cooked tinned spaghetti and pineapple pizza.

The 55-year-old lawmaker posted a photograph of the supper to Facebook, composing: ‘Cooked supper for the family the previous evening – like on the off chance that you concur with tinned spaghetti on pizza!’

At the point when asked whether the tinned spaghetti had made the pizza wet, the father-of-six calmly let it out was still ‘somewhat wet in the center’ in the wake of depleting the fluid.

Online networking was rapidly part on whether the surprising pizza topping mix was a virtuoso move or an aggregate debacle.

‘I don’t bolster your arrangements… be that as it may, spaghetti on pizza is something I can get behind,’ Dan composed.

‘In case you’re attempting to divert consideration from Afghanistan or the proceeded with bungle of regular pool assets you’re making a decent showing with regards to mate since this is an immensity,’ remarked Andrew.

‘Couldn’t shield the garnishes from sliding off the base?’

‘I completely bolster your approaches, and I am behind tinned spaghetti on pizza, however pineapple on pizza is an arrangement I can’t bolster,’ composed Puncture James.

‘I may vote Work now Bill. This resembles sh***ing on Italy,’ included Liam.

‘It solaces me to know I have about an indistinguishable level of culinary aptitude from our Head administrator,’ composed Harry.

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