Pictured: The shocking gangrene taking over a father’s body after he lost both legs to meningococcal disease

A man has lost the two his legs and could lose up to six fingers after an episode of gastro ended up being meningococcal illness.

Kurt Power, 24, was taken to Townsville Doctor’s facility on January 31 to have surgery for what was accepted to be a genuine instance of gastro.

However, specialists were stunned to find the man had the uncommon bacterial illness, and place him in an incited trance like state for over two weeks.

‘The specialists don’t know how he got it as nobody [else] in Townsville had it,’ Mr Power’s better half Victoria Howard, 19, told The Messenger Mail.

‘We haven’t been outside of Townsville either.’

While in the extreme lethargies, Mr Power’s spleen was expelled after it closed down from the contamination.

He was woken three days after the fact with Ms Howard, who is because of conceive an offspring on August 26, at his bedside.

Specialists said Mr Power’s legs were excessively attacked, making it impossible to recoup so they were severed just underneath the knee.

His left pointer was likewise cut off.

‘It will take six months for the prosthetics and we are uncertain to what extent recovery will take unfortunately,’ said Ms Howard, who is gathering pledges for the couple on a GoFundMe page.

‘He lost his left forefinger… and will likely lose the greater part of the fingers on the correct hand.’

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