Plumber ‘beat his dog to death with a metal shovel after putting her in a plastic bag and securing a zip tie around her neck’

A handyman who beat his canine with a scoop until the point that she must be euthanized is accused of irritated creature cold-bloodedness.

Michael Gallagher, 56, of Levittown, Long Island, confronts up to two years in jail for setting his pooch in a plastic sack and cracking her skull with a scoop, prosecutors said.

The 11-year-old Shepard blend named Bella was found with a zip tie around her neck, and must be euthanized after the occurrence on December 23, the New York Day by day News announced.

Gallagher, who fills in as a handyman for New York City schools and additionally the Metropolitan Musical show House, entered a not liable request at his arraignment on Tuesday.

He set the pooch in a plastic sack and began beating her with a metal scoop when a neighbor saw what happened and defied him, police said.

Gallagher kept running off, and was captured at a 7-Eleven about eight hours after the fact.

The neighbor opened the plastic sack and cut the zip tie off the canine’s neck.

In the interim, Gallagher’s better half returned home and Bella was taken to a creature healing center with a cracked skull. She was euthanized after specialists decided she couldn’t be spared.

The 56-year-old’s girl Kerry Gallagher said he was a heavy drinker who figured out how to remain calm for six months until the point that the other family puppy, Austin, kicked the bucket toward the beginning of December.

She said her dad had been an adoring proprietor to the two mutts and had never been rough towards creatures.

She was stunned by the news and told the New York Every day News: ‘I think he either just passed out or something snapped in his mind.’

Gallagher, who is being hung on $300,000 safeguard, is planned to show up in court on Walk 21.

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