‘Mummy, he was watching me in the toilet’: Girl, 11, was ‘followed into a shopping centre toilet by a man who performed a sex act on himself’

A 11-year-old young lady has been taken after into strip mall toilets by a man caressing himself, a mother has whined.

The young lady had gone to the toilets at Lilydale Town, in external upper east Melbourne, a week ago while her single parent was stuck in a line, Messenger Sun detailed.

Another lady at the registration saw a man had taken after the young lady with his hands down his jeans. At the point when the young lady returned she revealed to her mom: ‘Mummy, he was watching me in the can’.

He had taken after her and watched her while she washed her hands, the mother said.

The mother educated police, yet they supposedly prompted her against creating an impression as the man could be a mentally impaired occupant at an adjacent unit.

A representative from JLL, proprietors of Lilydale Town, revealed to Envoy Sun the organization knew about the occurrence and had amped up security endeavors.

Police have apparently recognized the man and an examination is continuous.

Day by day Mail Australia has reached Knox Police and JLL for input.

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