‘He’s gone. He’s blue’: Leaked recording of Fadi Fawaz’s frantic 999 call reveals that George Michael’s lover had ‘been trying to wake the singer for an HOUR’ before finally calling an ambulance

George Michael’s sweetheart had bafflingly held up a hour while attempting to revive him  before putting a berserk 999 call, it has been uncovered.

In the four moment call set by Fadi Fawaz to the rescue vehicle benefit, he reveals to them Michael was “blue” and “icy” and affirms revival likely won’t offer assistance.

Mr Fawaz called the rescue vehicle administration and tells the call handler:  ‘It’s George Michael, I believe he’s dead.

‘He’s not relaxing.

‘He is sleeping. He is frosty and he is blue.

‘He is firm.’

The call handler asks him: ‘Do you believe he’s past offer assistance?’

In a call spilled to the Sun, Mr Fawaz proceeds with: ‘He’s dead.’

‘He is solid, yes.

‘I have been conversing with him for the most recent hour.’

At the point when the call handler inquires as to whether the demise was normal, Mr Fawaz says: ‘No, no, no, no, no, no. I’ve been sitting tight for him to wake him up for like, you know, for quite a long time and he wouldn’t wake up. I went to wake him up and he was gone, you know, he’s not there.

‘He is blue and icy.

‘There would someone say someone is coming right?’

As the call handler tries to affirm the character, he advises her: ‘It’s George Michael, you know, the artist.’

Mr Fawaz was told by police that he is never again part of their examination concerning the vocalist’s passing toward the start of this current month.

The VIP beautician was tested by Thames Valley Police in January as they attempted to sort out the most recent hours of the star’s life before he kicked the bucket at his Oxfordshire home, matured 53.

Fawaz disclosed to them he went through Christmas Eve with the artist, yet nodded off in his auto that night, just finding he was dead when he went to wake him the next morning.

The South Focal Emergency vehicle Administration said it is propelling a prompt examination concerning how the tape has surfaced:

A representative stated: ‘South Focal Rescue vehicle Administration NHS Establishment Trust has been educated about the arrival of the tape of a 999 call. We consider matters of secrecy important and have propelled a quick examination.

‘As Thames Valley Police are setting up a document for the coroner we are likewise liaising with Thames Valley Police and are along these lines not ready to remark advance as of now.’

Mr Fawaz, 40, is seen as a dubious figure by a few individuals from the artist’s family after the claim of where he dozed that night.

His nephew uncovered Mr Fawaz called him not long after he called the crisis administrations.

Josh Fawaz, a DJ, said he got his telephone to hear his uncle wailing after Mr Fawaz had called the police.

Handler : Rescue vehicle and crisis, is the patient cognizant and relaxing?

Fawaz: No, it’s George Michael, I believe he’s dead, he’s sleeping

Handler: You believe he’s dead?

Fawaz: Yes, yes

Handler: Anyway, he’s not relaxing?

Fawaz: No

Handler: What’s the postcode?


Handler: And how old would he say he is?

Fawaz: He’s 53

Handler: 53? Affirm, where is he right now? Would you be able to make them lie on his back?

Fawaz: He’s sleeping, dead

Handler: Affirm, would he say he is frosty?

Fawaz: He’s frosty and he’s blue

Handler: He’s frosty and he’s blue, would he say he is firm?

Fawaz: Yes, he’s firm

Handler: Alright, and I need to check, do you believe he’s past any assistance right now?

Fawaz: He’s dead

Handler: So you don’t think revival would be successful?

Fawaz: *Inaudible*… would somebody be able to come here as quickly as time permits?

Handler: We have some individual in transit as of now. I have to check, do you believe he’s past any assistance?

Fawaz: Yes, I believe he’s past any assistance

Handler: He’s solid, would he say he is?

Fawaz: Yes. I’ve been attempting to revive him for the most recent hour. It’s outlandish. He’s gone, he’s blue, he’s dead

Handler: And would it say it was a normal passing?

Fawaz: No, no, no, I was anticipating that him should wake up for a considerable length of time and he wouldn’t wake up. I needed to wake him up, however he’s gone

Handler: Alright, and he’s very solid, would he say he is?

Fawaz: No, he’s chilly and blue and solid… Someone’s coming, isn’t that so?

Handler: Yes, we have someone in transit, approve? Along these lines, from what you reveal to me the revival won’t be viable

Fawaz: How might I know? When they come here they can do whatever they need

Handler: Yet you’ve disclosed to me he’s cool and he’s blue and he’s hardened, would he say he is?

Fawaz: Yes

Handler: Alright, well once this call is done don’t ring any other individual, on the off chance that we have to get back to you, approve? Be that as it may, his demise should be confirmed, so we’ll pass your points of interest to the applicable individuals, approve? What’s his name?

Fawaz: It’s George Michael, you know, the artist

Handler: And his date of birth?

Fawaz: Goodness, I don’t know now… the 25th of July

Handler: Do you know what year?

Fawaz: Yes… umm.. sixty-something… would i be able to hang up, or…?

Handler: Simply hold on for me, approve… Hi?

Fawaz: Yes?

Handler: Simply don’t move or exasperate the body until the point that the demise has been checked. Remain there until the point when they arrive, on the off chance that it is ok for you to do as such, approve?

Fawaz: Alright, approve

Handler: Yet we will pass your points of interest onto the important individuals now, affirm?

Fawaz: Okay, much thanks

Handler: Approve, you take mind now

Fawaz: Bless your heart

Handler: Affirm, bye

He told his nephew ‘Goodness God, I believe he’s dead’ when he discovered Michael was lethargic.

The 28-year-old told the Australia Day by day Telegraph: ‘I’ve never heard a developed man cry to such an extent. Fadi called me saying “what am I going to manage without him?”

‘They spent practically consistently together for a long time. He was so disturbed, he had been crying at the house close to George and I trust he discovered him dead.

‘I’m the main individual to realize that he (Michael) passed away.’

After his demise, Michael’s marketing expert stated: ‘It is with extraordinary pity that we can affirm our cherished child, sibling and companion George passed away calmly at home finished the Christmas time frame.

‘The family would ask that their security be regarded at this troublesome and enthusiastic time. There will be no further remark at this stage.’

Thames Valley Police said officers were called to a property in Gutting on-Thames, Oxfordshire, in the blink of an eye before 2pm on Christmas Day.

A representative stated: ‘Tragically, a 53-year-old man was affirmed perished at the scene. At this stage the demise is being dealt with as unexplained however not suspicious.’

The family is as yet holding up to cover the artist’s body, as toxicology tests were deferred.

Sources say toxicology writes about the 53-year-old – which were requested when the posthumous examination was “uncertain” – won’t be finished until the finish of February.

The tests will decide if drugs added to Michael’s passing yet can take around two months to finish, which means the artist’s friends and family are as yet unfit to hold a memorial service.

A source disclosed to The Sun: ‘I would have thought the outcomes will return towards the finish of the month.

‘There have been no new reports working on this issue – yet police have said (his demise) was not suspicious.’

The toxicology tests, which were requested toward the finish of December, will take a gander at blood and tissue to build up whether any dangerous substances added to Michael’s demise.

They cover physician endorsed drugs, illicit medications, liquor and whatever other synthetic substances which the toxicologist has been told to test for.

Until the point that those tests have occur, the artist’s body can’t be discharged by the coroner.

In spite of the fact that police have said his demise is not suspicious, a full investigation will happen if no characteristic reason for death can be affirmed.

Mr Fawaz is said to have been solidified out by the star’s lamenting family, and in addition the ‘internal hover’ of Michael’s dearest companions, following the production of unusual proclamations on his Twitter channel asserting Michael needed to submit suicide.

In a progression of messages ten days after the artist’s passing, it stated: ‘The main thing George needed to do is kick the bucket. He attempted to kill himself commonly lastly he oversaw.’

A month ago, Michael’s adolescence companion Andros Georgiou said he trusted the “withdrawn” artist kicked the bucket from a mixed drink of medications and liquor.

Mr Georgiou guaranteed the vocalist had been attempting to ‘have an ordinary existence’ however that he inadvertently took ‘a lot of something’ in the blink of an eye before his demise.

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