Tragic story of man who vanished for five YEARS before being found dead behind a wall cavity in his family home turned into a moving stage performance by his sister

The sister of Daniel O’Keeffe will talk about her sibling’s sudden vanishing and her family’s anguish when his body was found five years after the fact in a one-lady appear.

Kate O’Keeffe will make a big appearance her show ‘Losing You (Twice)’ this week in Sydney, addressing her family’s battle to mend and their mistake in police endeavors to discover her 24-year-old sibling.

Daniel vanished in 2011 yet a five-year-long hunt neglected to discover him.

It wasn’t until Spring when his dad, Des, was burrowing under the family’s Geelong home and found Daniel’s body in a ‘cavity’.

Police trust the 24-year-old submitted suicide.

Kate told the Geelong Publicist after the scan for her sibling reached an unfortunate end, she had an inclination that she required ‘to accomplish something’ rather than simply coming back to her life like nothing had happened.

‘There had been a long stretch of not knowing, and once I knew, once I had a determination I had a feeling that I needed to accomplish something, and this is the thing that I can do on the grounds that I’m enthusiastic about theater.’

‘It was hard, recording everything was candidly depleting yet in the meantime additionally a decent method for preparing my sadness.’

Kate said ‘Losing You (Twice)’ is for the most part a monolog, yet she sings also.

She said she examines her family’s dissatisfactions with police amid the look for Daniel and their conviction officers didn’t do what’s needed.

‘In the event that they had of utilized sniffer puppies, which we requesting that they do in the initial couple of days, or on the off chance that they had of triangulated his telephone we may have potentially discovered him, since he had his telephone on him and we beseeched them to utilize sniffer mutts,’ Kate said.

Kate will review ‘Losing You (Twice)’ at 7.30pm on Tuesday at the Lord Road Theater in Sydney.

Her last show in Sydney will be on February 11 and will keep running in Melbourne from February 21-26 at the Butterfly Club.

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