‘I hope to see you next year… If not, this was a wonderful run’: Roger Federer sends tennis fans into a spin by suggesting he may NOT play at next year’s Australian Open

Roger Federer may have implied his retirement after his unprecedented triumph over Rafael Nadal in an arresting Australian Open last.

The Swiss champion├é┬ábecame the most established men’s great hammer champion in 45 years with an enamoring 6-4 3 6-1 3 6-3 win at Melbourne Stop on Sunday night.

In any case, his triumph discourse has sent tennis fans into a turn via web-based networking media after the 35-year-old proposed he may not come back to court in 2018.

‘I would like to see you one year from now, however in the event that not, this was an awesome keep running here and I can’t be more cheerful to have won today,’ Federer said.

‘Realizing that I have just so much tennis remaining in me, in the event that I do get harmed, you know, possibly in the event that I miss one year from now, who comprehends what happens.

‘You never know when your next fantastic hammer will be, if at any point. You never know in case will have an open door at this stage.’

His comments incited fans to take to Twitter to scrutinize the fate of the brandishing legend, who made his rebound in the wake of taking six months out to restore his surgically repaired left knee.

‘Try not to need to peruse excessively into this, yet needed to rewind to ensure Bolstered said “if not” – and that is correct, he did,’ Kelyn Soong composed.

Jackson Koko Jasolla stated: ‘Every single good thing reached an end… This is his last year on your I fear.’

Jagasm posted: ‘You better have returned to safeguard it. Not that we need you to win agn [sic].. In any case, coz [sic] Tennis will perpetually be void without @rogerfederer.’

What’s more, Viraj Fernando composed: ‘Tosses an insight perhaps.. is this the start of the end? Want to think not.’

Enthusiastic fans from around the globe are encouraging Federer – who won his fifth Australian Open title – to not resign from the game right now.

Nata Goodman stated: ‘Don’t resign @rogerfederer, not yet satisfy.’

Cherry Rieza composed: ‘Kindly don’t resign yet.’

Also, Fortress Ranno posted: ‘Roger, kindly don’t consider resigning man.’

Another fan shared a TV screen get from the match, demonstrating a publication made by an onlooker who was sitting in the stands.

‘Needed Roger Federer. For taking such a variety of loves & hearts,’ the notice read.

‘Should play forever, no retirement permitted.’

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