The ‘Oh Yeah’ song from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ made its one-hit-wonder writer $175million but he’s never even SEEN the movie

The artist who made $175million off the tune ‘Gracious Better believe it’, which is broadly included in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day away from work’, has never really observed the motion picture.

Health food nut Meier composed the motion picture’s melody, and contributed the greater part of the cash that he produced using it into prepare and money organizations.

The tune was heard by the majority without precedent for the famous ‘Ferris Bueller’ scene in which Ferris, an enchanted youngster playing hooky in the city of Chicago, opens a carport and discovers his companion’s father’s sparkly red Ferrari.

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‘Gracious better believe it’ has been in different motion pictures, Network programs, and advertisements since being included in the 1986 hit motion picture.

In any case, Meier admitted to the Money Road Diary that he has never really observed the drama.

He stated: ‘I never really observed the entire film. I think I once observed this one renowned scene when the person, I think he opens the carport for his dad’s Ferrari.’

Since 1986, the show has flown up in the film ‘The Mystery of My Prosperity’, and Network programs, for example, “Joy” and ‘Saturday Night Live’.

He composed and delivered the melody with his accomplice, Boris Clear.

At the time they were a piece of the band Yello.

The tune was discharged in 1985, and Meier told the Diary that he didn’t initially even like it, saying: ‘I stated, “Boris, I think I have no motivation”‘.

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