Is this most adorable Australia Day video you will ever see? Kangaroo and koala nuzzle up for a heartwarming ‘G’day’

They are the two most famous Australian creatures.

Furthermore, it appears this kangaroo and koala were getting into the soul of Australia Day as they wished each other an inspiring ‘G’day’.

Zookeepers at Symbio Natural life Stop acquainted a koala joey with a gathering of energetic kangaroos – and they appeared as though they were getting on like a house ablaze.

While a portion of the wallabies and kangaroos were more keen on snacking on some grass, one inquisitive roo chosen to investigate his kindred marsupial.

Snuggling in, the curious kangaroo sniffed at the youthful koala as the officer supported it in her arms.

The koala joyfully responded and had all the earmarks of being getting a charge out of the consideration.

Following a couple of minutes of playing with the koala, the kangaroo bounced off to join whatever remains of its companions.

The untamed life stop, in Helensburgh, New South Ridges, posted the video as it wished its supporters a glad Australia Day.

They inscribed the video: ‘Only a koala joey and a kangaroo saying maaaaate! Upbeat Australia Day.’

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