He’s a luge success! Utah father of 15 is a hit with his neighbors after building a 300-FOOT toboggan run in his backyard

An Utah father has turned into the star of his neighborhood in the wake of building a 300-foot luge running in his back yard.

Thomas Williams of South Jordan has burned through two weeks dealing with the run, which winds around his home and endures an entire 23 seconds.

‘I have 15 children, and they all scoop parts and bunches of snow,’ he told ABC. ‘We really made the greater part of the luge appropriate with the snowstorm that came directly after.

‘So they were to every one of their neighbors, taking snow from every one of the neighbors’ yard[s] and conveying it here to make the luge.’

Look down for video

The run starts with a lofty drop to give kids the force they have to bear themselves the of wanders aimlessly.

There are even tilted edges on a few corners, to add an additional excite to the entire experience.

When they’ve achieved the finish of the ascent, the children are dropped off at the front of the family’s home – and probably bedding for additional.

Williams’ involvement as a luge design didn’t occur incidentally, nonetheless.

The father – who is unquestionably in rivalry for ‘Father of the year’ – has been building the luges for a considerable length of time, and says they grow somewhat more detailed each winter.

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