Not such a Romanian poster boy after all! Migrant who was welcomed to Britain by Keith Vaz and boasted about earning 60,000 a year leaves the woman who gave him a home with 900 debt

He was the primary individual off the plane when England lifted visa confinements on Romanians and Bulgarians three years back.

Furthermore, from that point forward, Victor Spirescu has been the unrivaled blurb kid for EU movement, asserting to procure £60,000 a year through diligent work.

Yet, one lady who helped Mr Spirescu after he touched base in the UK says her generosity has been reimbursed with subterfuge, obligations and reasons. On one event, Mr Spirescu even revealed to her that ladies were not his equivalent.

Single parent Anne Dark colored took Mr Spirescu into her home after her girl Zoe, 22, met him the previous summer. He said he had no place to live, having been kicked out by his sweetheart – Romanian-Cypriot Suzana Mates, likewise 22.

Zoe at that point succumbed to Mr Spirescu and the match turned into a couple. In any case, while Zoe would in no time get herself crushed when Mr Spirescu come back to his ex, her mom was left considering the consequence of her experience with this resident of the new, extended Europe: £879, to be correct.

For, unbeknown to her, amid his six-week remain at her home in Hendon, North London, Mr Spirescu utilized the deliver to enlist his auto.

After he cleared out in September, there took after a surge of stopping fines and authority letters, coming full circle a month ago in a visit from bailiffs requesting cash following a mishap – one that Zoe accepts happened while Mr Spirescu was on the telephone to her, having a blasting line.

Having, maybe indiscreetly, welcomed the bailiffs in for some tea, cook Mrs Darker said they declined to leave without satisfying the court arrange granting the cash to the next gathering included.

‘I called Victor,’ said Mrs Darker, 55. ‘He addressed one of the bailiffs and said he didn’t live here any more, however that wasn’t sufficient. So I settled the obligation after Victor had guaranteed to pay me back.

‘He came around that night with Suzana and guaranteed he’d pay me back, yet was sitting tight for some cash to come in.

‘In the next weeks, Zoe was amazed to see his Facebook posts about days out he was getting a charge out of with Suzana and helped him to remember his commitment to me – letting him know not to overlook the general population who helped him when he doesn’t ha anything.

‘Be that as it may, now he won’t answer his telephone. In one content, just before Christmas, he disclosed to me that he was Romanian and that ladies were “not equivalent” with him and we ought to recall that.’

There’s probably Mr Spirescu’s Facebook page is intended to awe. There are unlimited photos of him and London-construct business understudy Suzana in light of outings to Amsterdam, Paris and Cyprus. The combine have likewise gone by Oxford, Bournemouth and Windsor.

Mr Spirescu was invited by Work MP Keith Vaz when he touched base from Romania, and proclaimed he needed to ‘work, gain cash and go home’.

He began by cleaning autos however, as indicated by his consequent media refreshes, he has surpassed those desires on account of a flourishing aerating and cooling business and a breathtaking sweetheart.

He claims to have earned £62,000 in 2015, and £58,000 a year ago, and has purchased an armada of autos and appreciated a lot of intriguing travel.

At the point when The Mail on Sunday made up for lost time with Mr Spirescu a week ago, he was again on vacation with Suzana – this time in Berlin.

At the point when gotten some information about Mrs Dark colored and her obligations, he told our columnist that her claim was ‘b******t’.

‘I never smashed an auto,’ he guaranteed. ‘I gave her that auto, a Renault Espace. I never got printed material from her disclosing to her she was obligated for this purported mishap. Why might she not indicate me?’

Reports seen by The Mail on Sunday express that Mr Spirescu is the enlisted attendant of the auto – however at Mrs Dark colored’s address.

He admitted to moving into Mrs Dark colored’s home with Zoe for two months.

‘I rested in a solitary bed in a solitary live with her and paid her mom £100 seven days’ – despite the fact that Mrs Dark colored cases it was £80 seven days.

He included: ‘This lady is quite recently voracious. I will deal with it with her when I return home.’

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