Theresa M. Brisch Distinguished as VIP of the Year for Excellence in Paper Distribution

Theresa M. Brisch, President of Brisch Papers LLC, has been perceived by Cambridge’s Who for indicating devotion, authority and greatness in paper dispersion.

With over two many years of involvement in the discount exchange paper business, Ms. Brisch has developed her mastery in the application and conveyance of claim to fame paper. She has dealt with a worldwide level and held the obligation regarding more than 30 nations’ paper supply. In 2008, she established her own paper dissemination organization, Brisch Papers LLC, with wholesalers in Europe, Africa and the Unified States. As president, Ms. Brisch supervises all parts of her business, makes "how-to" papers for printing and exchanging extraordinary applications, composes articles, and requests new business. In acknowledgment of her perfection in business administration and paper dissemination, she was as of late named a VIP of the Year by Cambridge’s Who.

Ms. Brisch is a former student of the School of Family and Purchaser Sciences at Iowa State College of Science and Innovation. Subsequent to graduating with a Four year education in science in Promoting, she met a German paper designer, who motivated her to build up a vocation with a U.S. wholesaler, which was the start of her universal travel and business. Ms. Brisch arrangements to widen her worldwide circulation presentation in the years to come.

Brisch Papers LLC is an imaginative provider of inkjet, laser, and sublimation exchange papers at discount and wholesaler costs. Known for its excellent client benefit, it speaks to exchange paper makers around the world. For more data, visit

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