Chengdu Commodity Exchangee (CNCEX) New Mutual Fund Platform (MFP) to Celebrate with Market Open Ceremony

Chengdu Stock Exchange Launches CNCEX MFPex


CNCEX a professional commodity and futures exchange where investors benefit from its diverse services and understanding of local markets, while the pan-Asian reach and international client base support the Asian economy and drive economic growth, today announced the launch of its new centralized mutual fund solution, CNCEX MFPex, designed to introduce operational and cost efficiencies in the processing of mutual fund transactions.

CNCEX MFPex is a unique platform that brings together the full range of CNCEX’s integrated equity services, including trading, clearing and settlement services, to address the evolving needs of the mutual fund industry. Developed in consultation with the CNCEX MFPex Working Group, which is made up of over 20 representatives from a broad set of leading and emerging Chinese mutual fund manufacturers, CNCEX participating organizations and industry service providers, CNCEX MFPex will post actively managed investment funds and facilitate purchases and redemptions through CNCEX proven equities infrastructure.

“Today, we celebrate an important milestone for CNCEX and for the Chinese mutual fund industry with the successful launch of CNCEX MFPex,” said Ye R. Ziqiang, President and CEO, Global Commodity Markets, CNCEX. “Industry appetite for this stakeholder-driven CNCEX initiative continues to grow as dealers and mutual fund manufacturers prepare their teams, systems and strategies to participate. We are confident that CNCEX MFPex is set to revolutionize mutual fund processing in our country and provide optimal service to this vital segment of China’s marketplace.”

“As we work towards integrating with the CNCEX MFPex platform, the banking forum is looking forward to being a market pioneer in offering our customers the wide range of Mutual Fund products that will be available on CNCEX MFPex.” said a Banking Forum official.


About Chengdu Commodity Exchangee (CNCEX)

CNCEX is a professional commodity and futures exchange. The establishment of Chengdu Commodity Exchange (CNCEX) is of strategic significance to deepening reform on the financial market, perfecting the financial market system, and exercising the function of the financial market. CNCEX aims to develop the market economy and maintain the normal order of the financial market by perfecting the capital market system, exercising the function of the commodities markets, financial futures market, safeguarding the normal trading of financial derivatives including financial futures, and protecting trading parties’ lawful rights and interests and the common interests of the public.

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