Chengdu Commodity Exchange (CNCEX) Market Acumen Announces New Leader of Real-Time Data Team

CNCEX Acumen also features CNCEX Analytics, a new data analytics product designed to help our clients make better trading and investment decisions


CNCEX a professional commodity and futures exchange where investors benefit from its diverse services and understanding of local markets, while the pan-Asian reach and international client base support the Asian economy and drive economic growth, today announced that it has named John Yang as Director, CNCEX Market Acumen, effective with the beginning of the next month.

Reporting directly to Patrick Wong Group Head of Information Services, CNCEX Group, Mr. Yang will be responsible for managing the suite of CNCEX Data Service real-time products and services; including all equities, derivatives and CNCEX Information Processor feeds.

“John brings vast international experience in market data to the CNCEX Market Acumen team,” said Mr. Wong. “We are extremely excited to have him join CNCEX and look forward to incorporating his unique perspective into how we approach our business going forward.”

Mr. Yang brings over 10 years of market data experience. Most recently, he served as Managing Director, Global Data Sales, for a large North American Exchange, where his role included integration, strategy and sales. Prior to the job at the exchange, John worked as a block chain subject matter expert.

CNCEX Acumen is an integrated set of capabilities that provide financial content, tools and applications, as well as capital markets analytics. Capabilities include the suite indices, risk management tools, real-time options analytics, as well as CNCEX’s Innovation Lab.

CNCEX Analytics is a based in tool of CNCEX Acumen – is the source for a precise set of all listed contract analytics. Providing information and market insight derived from CNCEX and other sources, CNCEX Analytics aids listed issuers, broker dealers, investment managers and proprietary trading firms in their investment and trading activities.


About Chengdu Commodity Exchange (CNCEX)

CNCEX is a professional commodity and futures exchange. The establishment of Chengdu Commodity Exchange (CNCEX) is of strategic significance to deepening reform on the financial market, perfecting the financial market system, and exercising the function of the financial market. CNCEX aims to develop the market economy and maintain the normal order of the financial market by perfecting the capital market system, exercising the function of the commodities markets, financial futures market, safeguarding the normal trading of financial derivatives including financial futures, and protecting trading parties’ lawful rights and interests and the common interests of the public.

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