Faith Based Meets Main Street At Los Angeles Economic Summit

As of late, the 42nd Yearly World Monetary Gathering occurred in Davos, Switzerland, under the topic The Incomparable Change: Molding New Models. The record cooperation demonstrated the global group’s level of sympathy toward the world today, as one emergency after another rises. Worldwide business pioneers and heads of state, concentrated on enhancing the condition of the world, recognized that our current budgetary frameworks require an overhaul, and that to survive, organizations should always rehash themselves and turn out to be socially dependable.

At the K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles monetary summit Walk 21-25, Christian commercial center pioneers will propose religious answers for individual and worldwide financial issues. The Kingdom Financial Yearly Summit (K.E.Y.S.), facilitated by Dr. Bruce Cook and David Wood, will amass 111 world-class speakers who will exhibit new monetary models and front line procedures to engage people, organizations, houses of worship and groups to make reasonable money related change.

Speakers will incorporate riches directors, money related consultants, specialists in valuable metal and ware ventures, a Fortune 100 corporate lawyer, universal business lawyers, a previous NASA scientific genius, senior administrators at two noteworthy vitality organizations, fruitful business visionaries, various creators and pioneers in film, diversion and media. The total rundown of speakers and their bios and photographs is accessible at

K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles will occur at the Los Angeles Air terminal Marriott starting at 7 pm Walk 21 and completion at 11:00 am Walk 25, 2012. Contact Dianne Bennett at 310-490-9913.

About the Kingdom Monetary Yearly Summit (K.E.Y.S.):

Designed freely after the World Monetary Gathering, yet with a Christian concentration and viewpoint, K.E.Y.S. Los Angeles/Hollywood will include somewhere in the range of 65 keynote speakers and 45 breakout speakers managing business, back, financial matters, morals, authority, deals, advertising, global law, enterprise, blessed messenger capital, operations, corporate technique, generosity and beneficent giving, riches administration, protection and contributing, authoritative culture, business as missions, and confidence and work.

Media Contact:

Dianne Bennett


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