URALCHEM OJSC Announces Operating Results for the First Half of 2011

The generation volume of URALCHEM holding endeavors amid the initial 6 months of 2011 expanded by 4% contrasted with a similar period in 2010, adding up to an aggregate of 2.6 million tons. The generation of nitrogen composts expanded by 3%, and complex manures by 13%.

The development underway of NPK manures was in accordance with the organization’s procedure to expand the impart of particular items to high included esteem while bit by bit decreasing the generation of standard sorts of nitrogenous and phosphate composts. The aggregate creation increment in the principal half of 2011 related for the most part to the high generation rates of Kirovo-Chepetsk Concoction Works, and to the rebuilding of the creation line at Voskresensk Mineral Composts, OJSC. The change was made for NPK composts to take care of the market demand. The same rebuilding lead to the diminished generation of phosphate manures.

Relative creation figures of the URALCHEM holding organizations

(A huge number of tons):

Name of product H1 of 2010 H1 of 2011 Year-on year change, %

Ammonium nitrate and its derivatives 1 343 1 387 3%

Ammonia 288 281 -2%

Urea 233 241 3%

NPK fertilizers 257 290 13%

Phosphate fertilizers 271 255 -6%

Different chemicals, including ammonium nitrate for modern use 102 135 32%

Total 2 494 2 589 4%

Dmitry Konyaev, President of URALCHEM, OJSC remarked on the working outcomes for the main portion of 2011: "In the primary portion of 2011, all generation offices of URALCHEM worked at full limit. With ideal economic situations and solid request from Russian and remote customers, this empowered us to build the creation by 4% contrasted with a similar period a year ago. We keep on moving toward the objective of 5.6 million tons for each year by 2015."

URALCHEM is one of the biggest makers of nitrogen and phosphate manures in Russia and the CIS with generation limits of more than 2.5 million tons of ammonium nitrate, 2.2 million tons of smelling salts, 0.8 million tons of Guide and DAP, 0.8 million tons of complex composts and 0.5 million tons of urea. URALCHEM is the second biggest ammonium nitrate maker on the planet and number one in Russia. URALCHEM’s key generation resources incorporate Azot Branch of URALCHEM, OJSC in Berezniki, Perm Area; Kirovo-Chepetsk Concoction Works, OJSC in Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kirov district; Voskresensk Mineral Composts, OJSC in Voskresensk, Moscow locale.

Site: http://www.uralchem.com

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